Westinghouse Nuclear Selects Terascala MTS 1000 Lustre Appliance

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Terascala announced this morning that Westinghouse Electric Company has purchased and deployed their MTS 1000 storage appliance in order to support engineering efforts within their Nuclear Services business.  The new appliance will be utilized as scratch space for data generated by applications such as ANSYS for structural analysis and CFX for CFD work.  Internal and external clients will utilize the storage for a variety of projects ranging from power plant design to power output assessments.

Our engineers are working with extremely large files that contain terabytes of data. If that data was streaming across the network every day, our operation would grind to a halt. With the MTS 1000, we can offer our users large amounts of centralized storage that can be accessed any time they need it,” said Matt Sigler, an engineer in Westinghouse Nuclear Services’ Software and Systems Technology group. “The Terascala MTS 1000 delivers the high performance, high throughput and high capacity we need for our environment. We’ve been extremely pleased with the system and it helps our users and their applications work faster and more efficiently.”

Terascala’s MTS 1000 appliance allows one to ‘turn-key’ a scalable Lustre file system deployment, including redundant meta-data.  It aims to take much of the pain and suffering away from deploying and managing large-scale file systems in HPC.

We needed to get the solution up and running quickly to meet upcoming project needs and we knew it needed to be compatible with our environment. When we looked at the Terascala product, we were immediately struck by the fact that it was ‘plug and play.’ We were able to bring the Terascala MTS 1000 in, plug it in, add the InfiniBand cables and we had the whole system up and running in three days,” Sigler added.

If you’re interested in more info on Terascala and their Lustre appliances, you can read their full release here or insideHPC’s exclusive interview here.