Automatic Parallelization for GCC

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Doug Eadline over at Cluster Monkey has the inside skinny on some auto parallelization technology from Russian company Optimitech that you can bolt on to gcc/gfortran

One interesting application of the UTL technology is the Auto-Parallelizer — a tool that looks for parallelizable parts of sequential source code. Auto-Parallelizer is available as an addition to the gcc compiler suite and supports C/C++ and Fortran languages on x86, IA64, Power and CellBE architectures. GCC technology is used to translate programs from a high level language into a target architecture language. From this point UTL technology is used to perform static analysis of the program, extract parallelism, and perform program optimizations.

Auto-Parallelizer was benchmarked against Intel icc v.11.0 compiler on x86 and IA64 using SPEC/SPU2006 and NAS Parallel benchmarks. The most notable results are obtained on NAS Parallel benchmarks where Auto-Parallelizer successfully parallelized code that icc could not. Source and a beta-binary are available.

More in Doug’s post.