Bright Computing Launched to Make Clusters Easy

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Bright Computing has announced its official launch this morning. The new San Jose, California-based company will sell, support and manage what they call their Bright Cluster Manager. For those of you in the audience who are serious cluster veterans [especially in Europe], you might recognize the interface. Bright Cluster Manager was originally developed and marketed as ClusterVisionOS by ClusterVision. In either form, the management suite is designed to allow system administrators to easily use, manage and scale their cluster deployments.

“Our latest studies on HPC end-user requirements have shown that software has become the number one road block due to the growing complexity and shifting server technologies, and users still find clusters hard to use and manage,” says Earl Joseph, IDC HPC Program Vice President. Bright Cluster Manager(TM) solves this challenge and fulfills the following goals:

1) Make clusters really easy – Bright Cluster Manager(TM) makes Linux clusters of any size really easy to install, manage and use.

2) Scale clusters to thousands of nodes – Bright Cluster Manager(TM) was designed to scale to thousands of nodes. Its Advanced Edition includes many features for managing very large and complex clusters.

3) Be complete – Bright Cluster Manager(TM) is complete. It includes everything a user or administrator would expect from a professional cluster management software stack.

I went through their product docs on their website.  I have to say, they do offer some interesting features that other cluster managers have left off.  I’m really interested in their hierarchical provisioning structure for large and complex deployments.  However, they certainly have some stiff competition from the likes of Platform, ClusterCorp and Cluster Resources.  For more info on the new cluster digs, read their full release here.