Cray's culture in one word

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Gregory T. Huang writes in Seattle’s Xconomy this week about a fun game he played with the CEO’s of three tech companies in the Northwest: summarize your company culture in one word. Note that I’d have been hard pressed to know what a culture is, let alone summarize it in one word, But then, I’m not a CEO.

As fortune would have it, two of Greg’s three companies are in HPC: Cray and storage-maker Isilon.

CEO: Peter Ungaro
Culture: “Next”
Comments: Ungaro says, “Never satisfied with the status quo, our employees are committed to providing our customers with the next-generation of Cray supercomputers. Collectively as a company, our passion is setting new boundaries of what supercomputers are capable of and providing those resources to the world’s researchers and engineers.” He adds, “We celebrate achievements and acknowledge milestones, but we are focused on what’s next and what we all have to do to get there.”

Isilon Systems (NASDAQ: ISLN)
CEO: Sujal Patel
Culture: “Driven”
Comments: Patel says, “We have been through a million different things that show how driven we are. We survived…we grew, we built, we went public, we ran into some nasty roadblocks, we recovered from that.” He adds, “We only get through that stuff because we are driven as an organization—and that’s not about me, it’s about the people in this building.”

I’m sure that Huang will be covering HPC-focused publications of the southeast in a forthcoming article, so I’ll save him the trouble of getting in touch with me and reach out with a one-word summary of insideHPC’s culture: soda. And lots of it.


  1. Can “Bail-out” count as one word?