Green Grid concludes forum, announces tools

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During a seminar in NY on Friday, The Green Grid announced new studies and tools designed to help datacenter managers use their resources more widely.

The Green Grid logoIn addition to releasing the results of a detailed audit of one of the EPA’s datacenters, TGG announced three new tools. The first of those is DC Pro, being developed in concert with the US Dept. of Energy.

The Green Grid continues to assist the Department of Energy in testing and validating the DC Pro tool, an online software tool provided by the U.S. Department of Energy to help industries worldwide identify how energy is being consumed by their data center(s) and identify the best opportunities for savings.

The Green Grid and the U.S. Department of Energy Save Energy Now program are working together to enhance the Department of Energy’s DC Pro software tool suite by ensuring common energy metrics between The Green Grid tools, DC Pro and the ENERGY STAR portfolio manager tool; and by developing an IT energy assessment module.

TGG is also helping to develop a Certified Energy Practitioner program based on performing assessments with DC Pro.

The Green Grid also announced new free online tools and maps designed to help data center and facilities managers in Japan and 33 European countries easily determine how much outside air – also known as free cooling – is available for individual data centers.

…The Green Grid also introduced a new free online tool for data center managers to record their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) scores that will establish global consistency in reporting the split between energy flowing to IT equipment and facility operations.

The outside air tool is also available for the US.


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