Isilon Selected For IlluminaCompute

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Isilon Systems announced today that they have been selected as the storage infrastructure for IlluminaCompute.  IlluminaCompute is a new high performance computing solution released by Illumina that provides an integrated Genome Analyzer sequencing platform.  Illumina combines blade servers from Dell and storage from Isilon to create an integrated genomic data analysis platform.

The remarkable data growth associated with our Genome Analyzers has created the need for a turnkey solution capable of combining compute power, storage capacity and data analysis into one, cost-effective package,” said Scott Kahn, vice president and chief information officer, Illumina. “Isilon’s scale-out NAS was the obvious choice for the storage component of IlluminaCompute, as not only does Isilon IQ deliver unmatched scalability, performance and simplicity, but many of our customers are already running Illumina Genome Analyzers with Isilon storage solutions.”

From their release: IlluminaCompute is a unique bundling of compute hardware, informatics software and high-availability storage, tuned specifically for a high-throughput sequence analysis workflow. Server and disk management overhead is kept to an absolute minimum, reducing the need for dedicated IT and bioinformatics staff and empowering organizations to focus time and resources on their research. IlluminaCompute provides sufficient processing resources for computational-heavy analysis that require clustered processing and shared data repositories, such as genome assembly, deep sequencing and metagenomics research.

This is an interesting twist on traditional HPC.  We’ve seen management appliances, storage appliances but never fully integrated, target compute/storage/software solutions such as this.  For more info, read their full release here.