Last week for voting in the HPC Community Leadership Award

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A quick reminder that this is the last week for voting in insideHPC’s HPC Community Leadership Award. Full details are here, but the skinny is that we are soliciting your votes for the individual and the organization who have done the most to lead our community in the past year.

The response has been tremendous so far (I mean truly surprising); I encourage you to consider the nominees and cast your vote before the end of the week. Vote in the sidebar now.

Individual Nominees

  • Michael Strayer (DOE)
  • Bill Gropp (U Ill.)
  • Jack Dongarra (UTenn)
  • Pete Ungaro (Cray)
  • Steve Wallach (Convey)

Organization Nominees

  • DOE SciDAC
  • Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Texas Adv. Comp. Center