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LinuxMag: Dynamic Provisioning Webinar

Thanks to Doug Eadline for posting this on the Beowulf list [Hi Doug!].  Linux Magazine will host a free webinar this Thursday on dynamic cluster provisioning with MOAB and XCAT.  The one hour webinar will cover the following:

  • On demand provisioning of any OS or image
  • On demand network slicing, and green management (automatically power off nodes when they are not needed!)
  • Demonstrate the ease in which MOAB and XCAT can be used to dynamically provision servers and
  • How it can adjust to needs of both the end users and administrators

The webinar will feature Egan Ford, an IBM Executive IT Specialist, giving the talk.  The webinar will take place Thursday, October 22 at 1:00PM EST.  For more info and registration details, check out LinuxMag here.

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