MSC adds support for Tesla GPUs to FEA software

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MSC.Software announced late last week that they’ve team up with NVIDIA to boost the performance of the company’s finite element analysis software using Tesla GPUs

nVidia logoMSC.Software’s finite element analysis (FEA) software, known as Marc, has demonstrated performance gains, with Tesla GPUs, of up to 5x for typical complex models compared with the latest dual-core CPUs.

“Our customers will achieve new levels of simulation fidelity and product innovation using this breakthrough technology,” said Ash Munshi, CEO of MSC.Software. “This successful collaboration with NVIDIA is the beginning of an alliance that will ultimately add value across a broad range of simulation products from MSC.Software.”


  1. Toon Knapen says

    Anybody knows which algorithms they are running on Tesla? Is it just BLAS or a whole sparse iterative solver ?