NVIDIA introduces IDE for CPU+GPU code development

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Nexus IDEDuring his keynote yesterday at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced a new development environment (called Nexus) that integrates into MS Visual Studio 2008. We mentioned this in our features on NVIDIA’s big news, the next generation Fermi architecture, but the company has also issued a separate release.

Nexus is composed of three components:

  • The Nexus Debugger is a source code debugger for GPU source code, such as CUDA C, HLSL and DirectCompute. It supports source breakpoints, data breakpoints and direct GPU memory inspection. All debugging is performed directly on the hardware.
  • The Nexus Analyzer is a system-wide performance tool for viewing GPU events (kernels, API calls, memory transfers) and CPU events (core allocation, threads and process events and waits)—all on a single, correlated timeline.
  • The Nexus Graphics Inspector provides developers the ability to debug and profile frames rendered using APIs such as Direct3D. Developers can use the Graphics Inspector™ to scrub through draw calls, look at any textures, vertex buffers, and API state in the entire frame.

Two versions of Nexus will be available: Nexus Standard and Nexus Professional. Nexus Standard is available at no cost to developers, and includes basic source debugging and profiling functionality that matches existing functionality with PerfHUD. Nexus Professional includes advanced debugging features, full system event tracing, and premium support; it will retail for $349.

A beta will be available for download on Oct 15, and you can find more information at www.nvidia.com/nexus.


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