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Penguin in at University of Pittsburgh

Penguin Computing announced this week that they’ve installed an 800-node core super at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Simulation and Modeling.

Penguin Computing logoThe university has added a powerful new Penguin Intel Nehalem-based 800-core Linux cluster to an existing 116-node cluster and integrated the two using Penguin’s Scyld cluster management software. The Penguin hardware and software solution significantly extends the compute power at the University of Pittsburgh while also providing more efficient and productive cluster management across the entire environment.

According to Penguin CEO Charlie Wuischpard, U Pitt has also acquired acquired a Penguin nVidia GPU system. If I’m able to get details on that system, I’ll update this post.


  1. Kevin Buterbaugh says:

    There’s a one word mistake in the first sentence of this post. Unfortunately, it’s one word that carries a lot of significance … as the post correctly points out later, the Penguin cluster is 800 cores, not 800 nodes. With nodes commonly containing 8 cores each these days, there’s a rather significant difference between nodes and cores. Thanks…


  2. John West says:

    Fixed; thanks Kevin.

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