Performance results with Nehalem-based Sun blades on WRF

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Sun’s BestPerf blog, to which we point from time to time, is back again with a post that may catch your eye. This time it’s benchmark results on the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) code running on Xeon 5500-based Sun Blade X6275 servers (CONUS-2.5K dataset). From the summary of results

Sun logoThe Sun Blade X6275 cluster was able to achieve 373 GFLOP/s on the CONUS 2.5-KM Dataset.
The results demonstrate an 91% speedup efficiency, or 11x speedup, from 1 to 12 blades.
The current results results were run with turbo on.

More in the post, including comparisons at various node/core counts running the application with and without turbo on.