Sandia funds DICE for data transport research

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Last week Avetec’s Data Intensive Computing Environment (DICE) Program announced a new $3.3M contract with the DOE through Sandia to fund testing and evaluation of technologies that will help manage the distribution of large datasets among distributed HPC centers

“This funding helps us continue to solve the data transport problems associated with high performance computing through our geographically distributed research network,” said Roger Panton, Executive Director of the DICE program. “Our test and evaluation services match DOE’s identified need for an ‘agreed-upon, trustworthy, vendor-neutral testing body’ for emerging technologies.”

…The actual testing outlined in the award will be conducted within the DICE environment, an independent, representative test bed comprised of geographically distributed HPC centers located throughout the U.S. The DICE environment connects HPC centers with high-speed, real-world, wide area networks and provides the platform to identify, test and evaluate new and emerging technologies designed to enhance the use and management of HPC data.

The release doesn’t appear to be online yet, but you can read more about DICE via their website,