Top500 visualization revisited, this time with the EU

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After my post on Europe’s continued HPC planning at a massive scale, I started wondering how the Top500 visualization would look with all the EU countries added together. As before, click the thumbs to see a bigger picture.

Top500In the first image each country in the Top500 is represented by a circle. The size of the circle is the sum (in GFLOPS) of Rpeak for systems in that country; note that the US dominates the image.


In the second visualization all of the countries that are members of the EU have been grouped together (see the full list here; oddly Norway and Switzerland are not in the EU). Here the picture is much, much different — the EU is still smaller than the US, but it is a clear contender today with roughly 41% the Rpeak of the United States. And that is before most of the EU’s grand HPC plans have turned into hardware.