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Archives for November 2009

Unofficial Stats on SC09

Betsy Riley, and SC09 committee member, posted some unofficial stats on attendance at SC09 this year in response to a LinkedIn question. I’ve gotten a few emails about this, so I’m re-posting her answer here all registrations: 10,189 tech program: 4,032 exhibitor: 3,491 exhibits only: 533 (plus 1,723 guests) 71 countries represented, all 50 states […]

AnandTech on AMD's roadmap

AnandTech posted their analysis of AMD’s 2010/2011 roadmap and competitive position last week; it’s worth a read Currently, AMD’s six-core Opteron can match the performance of Intel’s quadcore Xeon 5500 at the same clockspeed in some important server applications: OLAP databases, virtualization and web applications. Intel’s best Xeon wins with a significant margin in OLTP, […]

2nd NVIDIA CUDA Superhero Challenge with TopCoder

Saw this on LinkedIn, posted by Sumit from NVIDIA The Challenge Challenge #2 builds on one of the most well-known computing problems – the “travelling salesman”, but with an added twist – chasing airplanes! (The Travelling salesman problem is one known to be computationally exceptionally difficult and is used as a benchmark for many optimization […]

Strathclyde launches new super in Scotland

HPCwire pointed us to this bit of news that we missed from earlier this month about a new super on the west coast of Scotland. The £500,000 High Performance Computer (HPC) will help the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Institute for Complex Systems tackle some of the most challenging engineering problems, from re-imagining aeroplane design […]

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev attends supercomputer dedication

T-Platforms announced this week that they’ve delivered a 420 TFLOPS super (named Lomonosov) to Moscow State University, and that the dedication was attended by Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev. Equipped with a new supercomputer, MSU has become one of the few universities worldwide to house and utilize a system of such scale. Choosing a site for […]

CSIRO lights up cluster, drops in GPUs

This is being reported in a few places, but I found mine at We write about the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Canberra from time to time. This time the occasion is the launching of their new system, a 61,440 core system (this count includes GPU cores, which we haven’t exactly […]

The lists we're in

It’s late on Thanksgiving night, and I’m experiencing some kind of weird tryptophan anti-reaction that’s keeping me up. Anyway, I was checking out the lists insideHPC shows up in on Twitter. Here’s a rundown of the lists that we’re in twibes-technology, 13 lists hpc, 13 lists tech, 5 lists it, 2 lists news, 2 lists […]

Birds do it, bees do it

Well everyone else is putting pen to paper on what they did with their time at SC, so here’s mine. I’ll skip the things that everyone else is already writing about, and jump to the few observations I have that I haven’t seen elsewhere. During the course of the conference I had 45 meetings with […]

SC09 reflections from Dan Reed

In addition to SC09 reflections from our own John Leidel, Dan Reed has posted his own reflections on the conference. As always, his thoughts are worth a read. He does make a comment that I found surprising As always, a new Top500 list was revealed, and exascale computing was (literally) a hot topic, as multiple […]

SC09 Debrief: software is king but people rule all

It’s become an annual tradition for John Leidel (aka, “the other John”) to write up his thoughts following SC. Submitted for your approval, the product of this year’s ritual. Following my annual pilgrimage to the wondrous land of supercomputing tchotchkes, I spend a few days reflecting on what I saw, what I heard and most […]