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2nd NVIDIA CUDA Superhero Challenge with TopCoder

Saw this on LinkedIn, posted by Sumit from NVIDIA

The Challenge

nVidia logoChallenge #2 builds on one of the most well-known computing problems – the “travelling salesman”, but with an added twist – chasing airplanes! (The Travelling salesman problem is one known to be computationally exceptionally difficult and is used as a benchmark for many optimization methods. It has several applications such as planning, logistics, the manufacture of microchips and DNA sequencing.)

In Challenge #2, contestants are asked to determine the best possible route that a mobile aircraft servicing crew should take to service a fleet of planes continually flying around the globe.

Within the first 48 hours of the contest, there are already over 260 registrants and 100 test submissions; the leader score table is changing rapidly. The competition is expected to be hot and heavy until the final day, December 7th.

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