Adaptive Computing and ScaleMP Announce Collaboration

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Adaptive Computing announced today that they are collaborating with ScaleMP in order to deliver the vSMP Foundation for Cloud to hpc and cloud computing customers.  The combination of Moab and vSMP Foundation will enable industry-standard systems to be dynamically aggregated and configured under the control of an intelligent automation software stack without any additional human intervention.  The bare metal provisioning will include UNIX, Linux and Windows HPC Server 2008.

Increasing data center utilization by leveraging the same systems to accomplish more tasks is crucial in today’s economic environment,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and president of ScaleMP. “By using Moab resource management and provisioning capabilities with scaled-up virtualization from ScaleMP, users receive a true elastic computing experience that redefines the infrastructure on an on-demand basis—meeting the requirements of today’s data center and ensuring they can also easily meet the needs of tomorrow. Adaptive Computing’s flexible provisioning solution makes this vision a reality.”

For more info, read their full release here.