Allinea in customer trials with DDT for CUDA

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UK-based Allinea is demonstrating an early version of their flagship debugger, DDT, at the show with support for NVIDIA’s CUDA

Allinea logoFollowing a successful collaboration with NVIDIA and the Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA), Allinea Software has developed a version of DDT that offers native support for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs based on the massively parallel CUDA architecture. This Linux-specific version of DDT complements and extends the capabilities of NVIDIA’s CUDA Toolkit by providing the ability to debug HPC applications across clusters of multi-core x86-64 servers, each of which may contain multiple Telsa GPUs. The intuitive GUI interface offers a seamless debugging experience on these hybrid architectures by combining features for MPI, OpenMP and CUDA within a single, easy-to-use development platform.

A full version of DDT for the CUDA architecture is expected in Q1 2009, though an email to the company might get you early access.