Appro Unveils Latest in Xtreme-X Line

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ApproAppro announced the latest iteration in their Xtreme-X line of supercomputing platforms.  The new version combines the latest in silicon, multi-rail interconnects and the new reliability in the Appro Cluster Engine [ACE] management stack.  From the release:

The new additional features include: Fully stateless compute nodes and dynamic instant provisioning, revision control system enabling multiple cluster SW revisions and versions, support for full installation for Red Hat or CentOS distribution, host configuration synchronization,  automatic assignment of cluster host names and IP addresses, automatic management of host database (/etc/hosts), support for efficient global and cluster-level configuration files, integrated support and configuration for Grid Engine for batch queuing, resource management system and scheduling. Also, ACE now supports either local or remote disks. This capability with diskless boot provides users with the best of both worlds.  The reliability and speed of diskless boot ensures that the system is ready quickly, while the local disks provide options for faster distributed disk access. This combination provides the added performance and reliability of ACE and the application flexibility of local disks.

For more info, check out demos of the new software/platform in their booth [#1200] or read the full release here.