Beowulf Bash 2009: Success!

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The Beowulf Bash at Sc09 was an absolute success!  Kudos to those who helped put the event on.  Much of the praise is due directly to Lara Kisielewska of Xand Marketing.  She was the master of event planning and Don Becker of Penguin Computing took on the roll of master of ceremony.  Walt Ligon, great blues!  Stevie Ray would have tipped his gracious hat in your direction.  As always, Doug Eadline was there to cheer on the crowd.  All in all, it was an absolute success.  Thanks to all the attendees and all the insideHPC readers who decided to attend!  In the mean time, evidence… er… pictures!


  1. Thanks to all who put on this amazing event. Great food, great beer, great music, most of all great people 🙂