Brown deploys new 14 TFLOPS IBM system

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Late last week Brown University and IBM announced a new super at Brown’s Center for Computation and Visualization

IBM logoExamples of the wide areas of research that will take advantage of the increased computing horsepower include advances in genomics that could lead to drugs for treating specific diseases such as cancer; investigation of the mechanics of human and animal movement; exploration of the web of animal life and ocean ecosystems; and studies of the terrain of planetary bodies, such as Mars.

The presso refers to this as “a system” capable of 14 TFLOPS, which is a bit confusing given the description

The new supercomputer – with a total of 1,440 microprocessors – is based on three IBM iDataPlex systems, equal to the size of six refrigerators; an IBM Cluster 1350; and multiple IBM storage systems running General Parallel File System, supported by IBM Global Services.