Clustercorp Now in HP's Cluster Portfolio

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Clustercorp continued to expand their commercially support Rocks cluster toolkit empire with a press release yesterday.  HP will now utilize the Clustercorp Rocks+ product line within their Unified Cluster Portfolio. 

“Clustercorp is pleased to have Rocks+ added to HP’s Unified Cluster Portfolio,” said Tim McIntire, President and Co-Founder of Clustercorp. “It’s important for Clustercorp to work with partners that share the Rocks philosophy of making clusters easy to manage and maintain. Clustercorp and HP customers will be pleased by the tight integration of our products and will gain peace of mind by deploying a fully certified, end-to-end solution.”

“Customers who prefer to leverage open source technologies for HPC cluster management want simplicity and added flexibility,” said Steve Cumings, director of marketing, Scalable Computing and Infrastructure, HP, “The combination of Rocks+ open source management software across the breadth of HP’s high-performance computing offerings provides a broader set of
commercially-supported solutions that match their management approach while improving system maintainability.”

Where does this put Tim and his band of Rocks savants?  Not only are they in deep with the folks at Cray, but they’re now in cahoots with a major volume player in the market.  This could prove to be very lucrative for the folks at Clustercorp.  For more info, swing by their booth or check them out online here