DDN announces Lustre, GPFS appliances

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DataDirect Networks announced a storage appliance offering at SC09 today

The Open Appliance offerings from DDN will include both the DDN ExaScaler platform, featuring the Lustre® File System, and the DDN GridScaler platform, featuring IBM’s General Parallel File System™. These parallel file systems will be offered with either InfiniBand or 10Gb Ethernet LAN connectivity options to deliver over 5GB/s of performance per SFA10000E Open Appliance Building Block. These high-availability Building Blocks can be scaled within a clustered storage environment to achieve industry-leading levels of performance beyond 200GB/s.

“Designed for the petaFLOP/s computing era, the DDN SFA10000E is an ideal product to serve as a foundation for the launch of our Open Storage Appliance program. It is precision engineered for scale out HPC environments requiring the highest levels of data intensive computing performance,” explains Jeff Denworth, VP of Marketing at DDN. “By embedding these popular HPC file systems natively into this scale-out platform, we achieve a dramatic reduction in storage cluster components, I/O latency and most importantly – new levels of cost savings and management efficiency for our customers.”