Intel partnering with SC09 for live broadcast of plenary talks

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This is something I’ve not heard anywhere else (and a Google didn’t turn up anything either way), but I certainly hope that it’s true: according to HPCwire’s Michael Feldman, Intel is helping to live stream most of the SC09 plenary talks

Intel logoDuring the Supercomputing Conference, the Teach Parallel broadcasts will also be augmented with a live feed of all the SC09 plenary sessions, with the exception of Al Gore’s keynote.

I haven’t confirmed this yet, and I’m wondering if it is still something that is being worked out. If you know for sure, leave a comment. The Teach Parallel site itself simply says

Teach Parallel will be broadcasting live from Supercomputing 09 in Portland Oregon. Stay tuned for details and broadcast schedules.

Here’s hoping.


  1. this is true. Here is the link where the broadcasting will appear on the SC09 site.