Open source cloud software at SC09

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Robert Grossman has posted a rundown of some of the open source cloud technologies you’ll be able to find in the Laboratory for Advanced Computing booth at SC09. His list includes

Sector. Sector/Sphere is a high performance storage and compute cloud that scales to wide area networks. With Sector’s simplified parallel programming framework, you can easily apply a user defined function (UDF) to datasets that fill data centers….Sector was one of six technologies selected by SC 09 as a disruptive technology.

Cistrack. The Chicago Utilities for Biological Science or CUBioS is a set of integrated utilities for managing, processing, analyzing and sharing biological data.

Canopy. With clouds, it is now possible with a portal to create, monitor, and migrate Virtual Machines (VMs). With the open source Canopy application, it is now possible to create, monitor and migrate Virtual Networks containing multiple VMs connected with virtualized network infrastructure.

Also on display will be UDT, UDX, the LAC Cloud Monitor, and the LAC Cloud Scheduler. Much more in the post. If you want to do a little homework ahead of the show, check out the video

This is a segment that aired on WTTW’s Chicago Matters about cloud computing that described the Sector/Sphere and the Open Cloud Testbed. You need to select the episode on the right hand side of the page dated November 10, 2009 and titled “Chicago Matters Beyond Burnham (9:40)”


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