OSC partners with Korean supercomputing center on industrial HPC

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The Ohio Supercomputer Center announced this week that they are partnering with KISTI on their quest to help grow industrial use of HPC. The program puts together OSC’s Blue Collar Computing program and KISTI’s SMB Supercomputing.

OSC logo“This sort of strategic international partnership enhances Ohio’s reputation as a wellspring for innovation, discovery and leading-edge business growth,” said Lisa Patt-McDaniel, director of the Ohio Department of Development. “These high-tech organizations deserve commendation for their efforts to enhance the business and manufacturing environments in Ohio and Korea.”

KISTI logo…The KISTI-OSC agreement outlines several specific activities:

  • — Jointly developing web-portal based modeling and simulation software
  • — Sharing experiences of licensing and usage issues with commercial software vendors
  • — Providing expertise on the selection and deployment of open-source software codes
  • — Hosting each other’s staff members for temporary assignments
  • — Coordinating participation in workshops, conferences and forums to promote these industrial outreach programs