Real-time ray tracing engine available free

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NVIDIA announced on their blog today that the OptiX ray tracing engine is now available for download on their website. Why, oh why, might you care? Unlike NVIDIA’s recent RealityServer announcement which also included news of an interactive GPU-accelerated ray tracer (iray), as a more general solution OptiX has lots of applications in computationally-intensive tasks where ray tracing plays an important role, like acoustic design and radar signature prediction.

nVidia logoJeff Brown, NVIDIA’s GM for Professional Solutions, explains why OptiX is invaluable: “This opens the door to a new level of interactive realism. Ray tracing’s inherent parallelism makes it a perfect fit for GPU computing. The OptiX engine makes it easy for developers to exploit that power to create an exciting new class of applications. It enables critical design tasks — such as examining reflections, refractions and shadow – to be performed now in real-time.”

The OptiX engine, which has been beta tested for the past six months, drastically shortens the development time required to create ray tracing apps by supplying state-of-the-art acceleration approaches that allow developers to concentrate on compelling features – not just performance.

And it’s free.


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