ScaleMP Announces vSMP for Cloud

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ScaleMP logoScaleMP announced another new addition to their vSMP Foundation product line.  This time it comes in the arena of cloud computing.  vSMP Foundation for Cloud is billed as allowing organizations to dynamically aggregate x86 servers into larger SMPs on the fly.

vSMP Foundation for Cloud provides us with unprecedented flexibility in our cloud infrastructure, which is incredibly valuable for the types of projects we are working on that often have very wide-ranging needs,” said Greg Keller, principal of R Systems, Inc. “Using traditional servers or virtualization we are only able to partition our physical systems to accommodate small workloads.  Now, using vSMP Foundation for Cloud, we have the flexibility to dynamically aggregate those same servers to create private on-demand virtual SMP systems for demanding applications.”“The use of virtualization for server aggregation transforms cloud infrastructure into an even more dynamic environment,” said Jie Wu, research manager, technical computing at IDC. “By aggregating memory and CPUs from multiple servers in the cloud on the fly, vSMP Foundation for Cloud provides greater computing capability for users running applications requiring large memory capacity and high memory bandwidth. In addition, the solution’s easy implementation is also a key benefit to the users.”

Key features include:

  • On-demand provisioning and re-provisioning of SMP systems for cloud infrastructure leveraging existing provisioning infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with systems management and provisioning tools
  • Support for any programming model (serial, throughput, multi-threaded or large-memory) without machine boundary
  • Aggregation of up to 16 x86 servers to create virtual SMP with up to 128 cores and 4 TB of main memory utilizing Intel’s latest generation of Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series (codenamed Nehalem)

For more info, read about it at their website here.