Shirts? Yeah, we got shirts. And cash. Did we mention cash?

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This will be the third SC for insideHPC, and we couldn’t bear to break with our longstanding tradition of trying to ensure that at least a small number of you have no legitimate reason to come unclothed to the show floor. We think this is just in everyone’s best interest.

And so yes, Virginia, we have shirts once again.

ShirtsBut this year is a little different. We will once again be giving away a small number — 50 or so — of our limited edition signature original extra special insideHPC shirts, this year featuring our brand new logo and a snappy saying. Pic at right for you visual learners.

We aren’t going to have a formal meetup to give these away, as those haven’t worked very well in the past. Four of us will just divide the shirts up and hand them out during the show, probably mostly at the Monday gala to maximize your chances to win the cash prize during the week.

But we are quadrupling your chances to score some free threads by partnering with eight of our advertisers to bring you an even more special co-logo’d shirt. That’s right, you’ll get a shirt with the über-incredible insideHPC logo on it PLUS the logo of either Cray, Convey, Mellanox, Penguin Computing, PGI, RNA networks, ScaleMP, or Terascala. Each partner has about 20 of these shirts each, for a total of over 200 chances for you to get one of our shirts. We can’t believe how lucky you are, either.

The respective vendors are giving away these shirts themselves, and while we don’t know how they’ll all handle it, we expect that stopping by their booths and telling them you heard about them on insideHPC can’t hurt.

Cash? What about the cash?

I did say cash, didn’t I? In a craven attempt to get you to wear the shirt during your time at SC09 on the show floor this year, we’re giving away cash to the first people that our spotters see at some randomly determined time on the floor. We’ll be giving away two $50 prizes each day (Tue, Wed, Thurs) to people wearing one of our shirts (you can only win once).

Free clothes, and money for beer. Does it get better? No. No it doesn’t.


  1. HAH!!! this is great!!! Shirts and cash. insideHPC rocks — totally — dude — for sure.