SpectraLogic Launches T-Finity Library

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…and its a monster.  Chris Mellor from TheRegister wrote an article this morning detailing the new SpectraLogic T-Finity library series with its 30,000 plus slots.  The new library is designed for large enterprise, HPC, media/entertainment and the federal market, where users need all the horsepower and capacity they can get their hands on.  Included in the library are dual redundant robots [not unlike the insideHPC John’s] for moving you LTO goodies to and from the drives.  If you utilize LTO-5 media and drives, you can squeeze more than 45PB of capacity into a single system.  You can also chain multiple units together, just as the T-950 series, to achieve 120,000 slots and over 180PB.  Finally, capacity enough for my DVD collection.

Spectra CEO Nathan Thompson has blogged: “There will only be three or four relevant library manufacturers in three years. The volume and price leader will be BDT, who will continue to sell its products through OEMs such as HP, Dell and Sun. The brand leader will be IBM, who will continue to take share and ultimately dominate mainframe attached tape. The technology leader is and will continue to be SpectraLogic.”

This is a big leap for the folks at SpectraLogic.  They’ve been quietly replacing Quantum and Sun/STK libraries around the industry, including some very high profile HPC customers.  With the release of the new T-Finity series, they’re claiming the top spot in capacity.  This, combined with the media Lifecyle Management, integrated encryption, library virtualization and compatibility with common backup software suites, they have a very compelling solution to take a serious chunk of the archive storage market.

For more info, read Chris Mellor’s full writeup here at TheRegister.