Strathclyde launches new super in Scotland

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HPCwire pointed us to this bit of news that we missed from earlier this month about a new super on the west coast of Scotland.

Strathclyde logoThe £500,000 High Performance Computer (HPC) will help the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Institute for Complex Systems tackle some of the most challenging engineering problems, from re-imagining aeroplane design for the best fuel efficiency to working out how to store hydrogen in nanoporous materials.

Project leader Professor Jason Reese of the University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, said: “Our new HPC – and a newly appointed HPC Officer to support its users – will be central to a wide range of pioneering research projects, including the simulation of fluids at the nanoscale, the prediction of welding distortion, and the aerodynamics of future space re-entry vehicles.

…With 1,088 computing elements (cores) writing to a 100TB high performance disk storage area across a state-of-the art Quad Data Rate Infiniband network, the HPC is designed for a peak performance of almost 13 TeraFlops – or thirteen thousand billion mathematical operations per second.


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