Velocity Micro, JacketHPC, and 8-way GPU workstation demo

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Velocity Micro, and James River Technical Computing will be showing Velocity’s 8 GPU system running the recently-announced JacketHPC from AccelerEyes at SC09

JRTI and Velocity Micro will be displaying the recently announced VSC455 V8 workstation, powered by up to an unprecedented eight-combined NVIDIA Tesla C1060 or Quadro FX GPU’s and running the NEW JacketHPC from AccelerEyes. JRTI and Velocity Micro will also be demonstrating the NEW Jacket gbench, the industry’s first GPGPU benchmark demonstrating the groundbreaking performance of the VSC455 V8.

JacketHPC delivers an unprecedented ability to transparently scale GPU and CPU computing resources simultaneously, either on a local machine or over a network, allowing users to capitalize on the performance of unlimited GPUs on single job instance. The VSC455 V8 in conjunction with JacketHPC is the world’s fastest visual computing workstation for technical professionals who have had to rely on CPU clusters in the past for performing computationally intensive processing on complex datasets. The combined solution delivers unprecedented price performance levels.

As far as I can tell, JacketHPC hasn’t actually been released yet; looks like one of the partners might have fired before he saw the whites of the AccelerEyes press release.

More in the release. Looks like 8-way GPU workstations are going to be the thing this year.


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