Versant and Panasas Announce Parntership

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Versant Corp and Panasas have announced a partnership geared towards accelerating database and storage performance for high-end application developers.  The combined platform will be geared toward demanding users in high performance computing, especially for financial modeling, modeling and simulation and complex telecommunication network management.

We are developing sophisticated financial analysis and real-time trading applications, requiring sub second market access to literally millions of data elements,” says Philip Beckley, CEO of Puertofino Software, LLC, a financial services company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “We selected the Panasas storage system and the Versant Object Database for maximum performance and reliability in our mission critical application, providing us with a significant competitive advantage. We are particularly impressed with the seamless compatibility and the almost infinite scalability of the solution.”

Our customers are developing highly specialized data management applications where performance, scalability and reliability are of the utmost importance,” said David Ingersoll, vice president, sales at Versant. “The Panasas storage solutions are a perfect fit for our high performance computing customers, extending our high performance, dual cache database architecture beyond traditional database platforms.”

For more info, read their full release here.