XtreemOS 2.0 released

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News by email today of the 2.0 release of XtreemOS, the Linux-based grid operating system

XtreemOS brings new capabilties to Grids, such as easing job submission and monitoring, while providing a comprehensive security implementation and virtual organization management. XtreemOS comes in three flavors: The PC flavor makes it possible to aggregate standalone PCs as computation resources into XtreemOS Grids. The XtreemOS cluster flavor is based on Kerrighed’s LinuxSSI (single system image) technology. LinuxSSI is a Linux cluster providing users an image of a single large system. The third flavor, XtreemOS Mobile has been tailored to run XtreemOS services on mobile devices, such as Nokia Internet Tablets.

Release 2.0 includes creation and management of dynamic virtual organizations, application execution management, XtreemFS, the XOSAGA programming interface, and Xosautoconfig. More in the release.