Acumem Threadspotter 2010 adds tuning suggestions features

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Acumem announced this week that it has revved its ThreadSpotter product to in suggestions on tweaks that will improve performance

ThreadSpotter 2010 brings new analysis capabilities in the form of suggestions of ways to improve performance by reducing cache pollution. Applications often fill the caches with data that is never reused before being evicted, and that therefore does not benefit from caching. ThreadSpotter now finds the locations in the code responsible for this cache pollution and suggests ways to avoid allocating cache space for the data. This improves performance by leaving more cache space for other data structures that do benefit from caching, and for other threads and applications that share the caches in multi-core systems.

Intel’s tools are also headed in this direction, which is a very Good Thing for developers. It uses people for something that people are still better than machines at doing: weighing the factors influencing application performance and choosing the best among nearly equal options.