Add "green IT" to next gen workforce training list

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I’ve been reading all of the materials from the three International Exascale Software Project this week (I’m 300 slides in so far, not counting all the background material) — one thing that group is thinking about as it sketches out a billion-way parallel future is education and training. It doesn’t get a lot of attention (in what I’ve read so far anyway), but it’s there, alongside the arresting fear of multi-hundred million dollar a year power bills.

So I was primed when I read this post about the integration of energy management into the traditional IT career path and preparatory education

Students from Polytechnic Institute of New York University performed a little before-and-after analysis of Hudson Valley Bank’s efforts at improving energy efficiency at its data center. All told, the bank was able to cut power consumption by half, certainly a feat worthy of some kudos.

For banks looking to improve the bottom line by cutting power bills — or any other business for that matter — the real takeaway from the Bank Technology News article is that green IT is creeping into the coursework and curriculum of some schools, and it could mean that the workforce will soon be joined by graduates with some much sought after credentials.

More in the post, and in the source article linked thereto.