CRA: NSF AND NIST set to do well in FY10 appropriations

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The excellent Policy Blog of the CRA has an update on the FY10 appropriations process

US Capitol DomeThe House and Senate Appropriators are in their end game on the FY 10 appropriations process and yesterday released the “conference agreement” for an omnibus appropriations bill they’ve created that bundles all the outstanding appropriations bills save one (Defense). Included in the conference bill are the agreed upon funding levels for several key science agencies. NSF and NIST seem to do well. NSF will receive $6.9 billion in FY 10, an increase of $436 million over FY 09 (about 6.7 percent — assuming the conference passes, and it’s safe to say that it will). NIST will receive an increase of $37.6 million, bringing their core research funding up to $662 million ($65 million more than FY 09).

More in the article.