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CSIRO Fires Up GPU Super

The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization [CSIRO] has announced that they have officially fired up a GPU supercomputer capable of 256TFlops of peak performance [no word on whether this is single or double precision peak].  The machine is comprised of 64 NVIDIA S1070 GPUs and 28 Dual-Xeon compute nodes.  Also included in the install is a 144 port Infiniband switch and an 80 TB Hitachi NAS.

According to Nvidia spokesperson Andrew Humber, CSIRO scientists have already reported “speedups” of 10-100X in their research applications by deploying the GPU-based system.

The release quotes genome research, 3D medical imaging and ocean nutrient modeling as the first target workloads.  CSIRO posted a great overview video on YouTube.  Check it out.  Also, check out the original release here.


  1. Chris Heier says:

    Looks like single precision, and the performance is based on raw performance numbers. 64 S1070 units is equal to 256 GPUs at nearly 1 tflops each.

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