CSIRO Fires Up GPU Super

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The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization [CSIRO] has announced that they have officially fired up a GPU supercomputer capable of 256TFlops of peak performance [no word on whether this is single or double precision peak].  The machine is comprised of 64 NVIDIA S1070 GPUs and 28 Dual-Xeon compute nodes.  Also included in the install is a 144 port Infiniband switch and an 80 TB Hitachi NAS.

According to Nvidia spokesperson Andrew Humber, CSIRO scientists have already reported “speedups” of 10-100X in their research applications by deploying the GPU-based system.

The release quotes genome research, 3D medical imaging and ocean nutrient modeling as the first target workloads.  CSIRO posted a great overview video on YouTube.  Check it out.  Also, check out the original release here.


  1. Chris Heier says

    Looks like single precision, and the performance is based on raw performance numbers. 64 S1070 units is equal to 256 GPUs at nearly 1 tflops each.