Deck your iPhone, with insideHPC style

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I like a good festive holiday background on the old iPhone this time of year. As I was searching around for one, inspiration hit me right in the gut: a hotel in space.

Turns out, someone’s already working on that. So I decided to trick out the insideHPC logo in time for the holidays. Click the images below to download the iPhone-sized wallpapers and let the world know that, not only are you a festive kind of guy (or gal), but also that you get your HPC news from the best news site on the web.

Oh, and if you find yourself muttering bitterly about the triumph of the Whos at the end of that book, there’s a plain version as well. But every time you download it, Cindy-Lou Who gets a poke in the eye. Think about it.

insideHPC Logo Wallpaper

insideHPC Logo Wallpaper