Episode 5 of the green HPC podcast series: Turning up the heat

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Green HPC Podcast logoTypical machine rooms today operate between 20 and 25 degrees C, about 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, an operating range comes from a time when it was the people in the room that needed cooling, not the computers. And even experienced datacenter managers spend a lot of time and energy building clusters out of servers with components they don’t need, in buildings that are way cleaner than they need to be.

In this episode we talk with Argonne’s Pete Beckman and Microsoft’s Christian Belady about the specific ways in which their organizations are working with their datacenter and computer hardware vendors to improve operations efficiency. These guys are using a proactive, measurements-based approach to guide them toward more effective operations without voiding their warranties or impacting operations. And speaking of warranties, we also talk with Steve Cumings of HP to find out whether one of the world’s largest suppliers of servers is really ready — and willing — to work with customers to redefine how datacenters are run.

Listen to Episode 5 and meet the guests or visit the Green HPC Podcast Series home page to learn more about the entire series.