Live from the show floor with Dell: a discussion about Cray, competition, and partnerships in HPC

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Dell logoDuring SC week I sat down with Donnie Bell, senior manager in the enterprise marketing group, to talk about the announcement that Dell would be marketing a version of Cray’s CX1 to low-end HPC users. This audio is much more two way than some of the other conversations I’ve posted, because I was curious about some of the details that went into this deal. After giving me an overview of the system, our conversation was pretty wide-ranging over the business aspects of this deal, touching on everything from why Dell (which builds hardware) is partnering with Cray to how you get a product like this to customers who don’t identify with HPC and how the brand exposure doesn’t hurt (rather than help) Dell’s future HPC business. If you are interested in how partnerships like this happen in HPC, this is the conversation for you.

Listen to the interview [audio:]

Download the audio file.