Oracle set to make concessions to lubricate Sun deal approval in EU

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The New York Times reported earlier this week that there is some movement on the Oracle/Sun deal. You’ll recall that the acquisition has been held up in the EU at least partially over concerns that Oracle couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing with MySQL (the “M” in the Internet’s LAMP stack). Evidently Oracle is prepared to make some concessions to protect choice that have pleased EU regulators

Sun logoThe European Commission said it was “optimistic” that the deal between the two California companies would no longer pose a threat to the European market for database software. Last month, the commission threatened to block the deal.

The turnabout came after Oracle, the world’s largest vendor of database programs, agreed to preserve the viability of MySQL, a free, widely used open-source database application that it would acquire in the deal for Sun.

So, just in time for the holidays, you can return to playing everyone’s favorite game, “whither Sun’s HPC business.”


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