SGI announces it is first in line at the Verari buffet

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SGI announced this week that, if you are worried about your Verari gear getting bricked, they can help

SGI logo“In an effort to provide Verari customers confidence in their business continuity and an ability to map their technology futures, SGI is now adding Verari Systems to our multi-vendor service offerings for both Customer Service and Professional Service,” said David Yoffie, senior vice president of services at SGI. “Verari global customers will now benefit from our worldwide service infrastructure and our experience supporting existing Verari customers in Europe. Customers will be able to work with SGI to define custom support solutions that address their specific needs.”


  1. VerariServices_Guy says

    Too bad they don’t have access to the proprietary parts or people who installed and serviced the gear. They no long have the EMEA business due to their acquisition by Rackable.

    As seen on Verari’s website, they are committed to supporting their install base and are aggressively putting plans in place with key service partners that have established relationships prior to the reorganization.

  2. IheartDavidWright says

    Hey VerariServices_Guy: We’re not buying it. And by “we” I mean your former customers and employees. So far as I know, no plan has been shared with former customers and employees and it’s been almost a week since Verari died. If you count the time that you knew verari was GOING to die, you’ve had plenty of time to put together a plan B to support customers you were selling to up until the end. Have you told former employees that there is some magical support option coming? Not according to the people I know.

    Good for SGI for stepping up to the plate and offering to help where Verari dropped the ball. The reasons for Verari failure are apparent by watching the subsequent missteps. Good tech, (some) good people, TERRIBLE execution.