Syracuse powers new datacenter with tri-generation system

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Ecoinsite is reporting this week about Syracuse University’s new green datacenter

It’s a given that you’ll find energy-efficient servers, targeted cooling, and an energy monitoring and management platform, but it’s the on-site, “tri-generation” system that really helps set the data center apart. Powered by natural gas, microturbines provide all of the facility’s electricity and cooling (and heat, hence tri-generation). Waste heat from the microturbines is used to chill water using double-effect absorption chillers, which in turn is used to siphon heat from server racks with cooling doors.

Further efficiencies come from a direct current (DC) power distribution system, which eliminates the alternating current (AC) to DC conversion tax. All told, the data center will consume half the power of a traditional computing facility.

More here, along with a video.


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