The best and worst tech companies to work for, HPC vendors make the lists

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The end of the year is always witness to a legion of lists — the best this, the worst that, and the five things you have to buy next year or face the ridicule of your peers. HPC mostly doesn’t figure in these lists.

So I took notice of a few of the companies in the HPC space that made the results from’s latest poll, as reported in Om Malik’s top tech companies to work for post.

The top ranked company is Juniper Networks, whose gear finds its way into many HPC centers. Storage-vendor EMC is at number 9. Om also lists the worst companies to work for; number three on that list is computer-maker HP (CEO approval rating, 22%). NVIDIA clocks in as the number 5 worst tech company to work for (52% CEO approval rating), and Dell makes it in at the number 10 slot (Dell gets a 28% approval rating).


  1. Codename Zebra says

    What, no Verari? Oh wait, I guess you have to still be working there and the only ones left are the CEOs friends.

  2. Tim Carroll says

    I didn’t see the formula behind the survey so my response to this Top 10 list is purely subjective; and not as a Dell representative but merely as an employee. HPC at Dell is exciting these days. Over the last six months, we have significantly increased our long-standing commitment to the business and the community by adding talented individuals and resources across the organization (see ) And it is getting fun. If this poll gets assembled next year, I hope they factor Dell’s HPC accomplishments into the calculations

  3. Unabiding Dude says

    I’m not reading anymore articles on Inside HPC until you stop putting ads across the text that I can’t get rid of

  4. @unabiding dude – I have one report from a user on an Army Win XP system running IE 6.x where this happens. It actually doesn’t happen on a stock IE 6 install, only the version with the extra Army “security”. By design it doesn’t happen at all – its a bug that so far I can’t get enough information to fix. If you can give me details of your OS and browser I can take a look and see if your data helps me find the problem. Or, just use Firefox.

  5. @unabiding dude – I made a change that might fix it for you; I managed to find one other guy with a system that was seeing the same problem. See if it works for you now.