Update on federally funded research in FY10

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Peter Harsha at the excellent Computing Research Policy Blog posted an update this week on the status of federally funded computing research in the various FY10 appropriations bills currently moving through the US Congress

US Capitol DomeWe’re in the end game for the FY 2010 appropriations, but no one is really sure exactly how this will end (though there are some good theories). While a number of bills have actually passed through regular order — including, most relevantly for the computing research community, the Energy and Water appropriations bill, which contains funding for the DOE’s Office of Science — an equal number of key bills remain unsettled. Still unresolved are the Commerce, Justice, Science bill, which includes funding for NSF, NOAA, NIST, and NASA; the Defense bill, which includes funding for DARPA and the Defense labs; and Labor-HHS, which includes funding for NIH.

The rest of Peter’s post runs through the major departments and their funding status. If you are in the federal government or your research or ops depends upon federal funding, its a must read.