Verari auction in progress

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Verari auctionEver since we broke the news that Verari was out of business earlier this month we’ve kept track of employees — who said the company was not only dead, but the evil dead — and what was left of the management team, who said “the doors are still open.” The doors were clearly not open in any but the most technical sense of the word, but we were willing to give Wright the benefit of the doubt and time to put something together.

After our initial interview the company went into radio silence, and the promise added to their website on Dec 14 to put a “new plan in place soon” never (or has not yet) materialized.

Today Randall Hand at VizWorld spotted a change to the Verari website, and when I walked in to get my morning Dr. Pepper, he and our friend Paul pointed it out to me. Picture at right. Get your bids in now if you’d like a souvenir.

What does this change? I suppose it doesn’t have to change anything. Wright and his coterie could still be trying to pull it together. The business was in ABC earlier this month — that isn’t news — and either the auction had to happen for money to flow to creditors or Wright would have had to find new money. I guess this could be an indication that he didn’t find new money, but he could still be working on something new. Word on the street in early December was that “something new” was a company built around the company’s container line of products. I personally think that is an immensely bad idea — no one buys those things — but what do I know.


  1. B. Cratchet says

    Sung to the Twelve Days of Christmas:

    On the 12 days of Christmas, Verari gave to me:

    12 orders cancelled,

    Lying sons a bitches,
    No Vacation Pay,
    9 VP’s fighting,

    Full-time work for Half Pay,
    Full-time work for No Pay,
    6 Employees Quitting…

    …a Bank-rupt Com-pa-ny.

    4 Lawsuits Filed,
    No Back Pay,
    No P T O,

    and no COBRA for my family & me.

    alternate ending…

    tho’ required by State and Fed-er-al Law.