Verari sticks to its story; Driggers has left the building

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Yesterday Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Register (I met him at SC09 — it was cool to put a face with the reporting) reported on a conversation he had with Dan Gatti, Verari’s SVP of marketing. He seems to have stuck with the same talking points that David Wright used when he talked with insideHPC on Monday

Verari Sytems logo“Our doors are not closed,” said Gatti. “We are open. We are in the process of doing a restructure and we are working out the details to provide support, maintenance, and equipment to our customers.”

He also wouldn’t confirm exact numbers in the layoff, but stuck to the vague language that the company has been using in its official communications. Terms like “a good percentage” and “most.” Commenters at insideHPC have been quite consistently using words like “all” when talking about the numbers of those laid off, so the remaining numbers must be limited to a small handful of selected team members.

Unfortunately for Verari, those remaining do not include co-founder and CTO Dave Driggers

Gatti also said that Dave Driggers, one of the co-founders of Verari and the firm’s chief technology officer, was no longer employed by Verari. David Wright, who was brought in to Verari to be its chief executive officer in June 2006 and who replaced Driggers as chairman in June 2007 when the company got its third round of venture capital funding, is still working at Verari and with Gatti is working on the restructuring plan.


  1. Codename Zebra says

    I surprised that Dan Gatti didn’t use his babel fish latin to announce that. You keep ringing that bell you dweeb.

  2. Codename Zebra says

    Also reading the register article mentioning 50 key accounts that brought in money, from what I heard in the past we sold to them at very low margins that were usually eaten up in overtime hours or sold at a loss to “get our name out there”.

  3. CodenameLOL says

    omg, Codename Zebra, I just spit out my food LOL’ing at your comment. God bless you (PS: I think I know who you are!)

  4. CryingShame says

    I would never mention David Driggers and David Wright in the same sentance. They aren’t even close to being the same. Driggers is a kind, loving individual who cared deeply about his employees and I can only assume it must have killed him to have to stand by and watch Wright drive it into the ground. Driggers deserves all the best… Wright can expect to get sued for whatever is left of the company that is still running. Stupid.