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Archives for January 2010

Andrew's Corner: Scientific Codes and Their Creators

In this month’s installment of Andrew Jones’ ZDNet series on high performance computing, he discusses a subject near and dear to my heart: scientific code development.  Given that I’m a classically educated software engineer, I have a somewhat myopic view of code development for scientific computing [, HPC].  Requirements gathering, numerical analysis, code development, rigorous […]

MVAPICH 1.2RC1 Released

For those of you interested in MPI and Infiniband, Dhabalaswar Panda and his team of MPI engineers from Ohio State University have announced the latest release of MVAPICH.  Version 1.2RC1 includes the following new features: New Features for OpenFabrics/Gen2 Interface Network Fault Resiliency (NFR) for tolerating transient network failures.  Using this feature, long running MPI […]

Pfister on the problems with Larrabee

I genuinely enjoy Greg Pfister’s writing; his is one of the blogs I’d recommend you follow if you are in HPC. His latest post attempts to reason out some of the problems that may have put the kibosh on the commercial debut of Larrabee, and is based on a talk that Tom Forsyth, one of […]

What to read at insideHPC this week

Wondering what to read at insideHPC? Some of the most popular posts this week are: HPC’s best and brightest gear up for twenty-fourth annual Newport Conference Video interview with Intel’s David Scott about upcoming hardware (as well as the rest of the HPC in 2010 videos) ANL researchers developing application to study nuclear reactor cores […]

Sid Karin sounds off on the NSF supercomputing centers

In early December I pointed to an article that Larry Smarr wrote summarizing his take on the good and the bad in the NSF supercomputing program. Now another legendary NSF HPC center director, Sid Karin, has stepped up with his thoughts. There is no such thing as an NSF (Supercomputer) Center and there never has […]

GPU textbook launched

News this week of a new textbook aimed at teaching students how to program GPUs. The book is written by David Kirk, NVIDIA Fellow and former chief scientist, and Wen-mei Hwu, Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC. With conventional CPU-based computing no longer scaling in performance and the world’s computational challenges increasing in […]

2010 High Performance Computing Linux Financial Markets conference

Er, not such a great name, but if you’re using HPC in the business of managing money, you might want to put this one on your calendar. It is scheduled for April 19, 2010, at the Roosevelt hotel in New York City. From the web site High Performance Computing systems including Linux, Low Latency, Virtualization, […]

Scientific computing on the bayou

Louisiana State University’s Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, and Tulane University’s Center for Computational Science are set to sponsor an event to highlight scientific computing in the great state of Louisiana in early February. The event, called Scientific Computing Around Louisiana (SCALA) will be held on the LSU campus Feb. 5 and 6. […]

News about Oracle's plans for (some) Sun hardware

Oracle held a five hour marathon phone briefing yesterday (which I had planned to attend, but didn’t get a chance to) to talk about their plans for Sun. Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Register has covered some of the news. In broad strokes, Oracle is keeping at least some of the hardware and the R&D […]

NextIO Names VP of Worldwide Marketing

NextIO today announced that they have hired a Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.  Mike Heumann will spearhead their marketing and PR operations worldwide. As NextIO’s preferred channel partner, we see their continued investment in sales and marketing as a strong commitment to our joint success,” said Fred Cuen, senior vice president and general manager of […]