2010 High Performance Computing Linux Financial Markets conference

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Er, not such a great name, but if you’re using HPC in the business of managing money, you might want to put this one on your calendar. It is scheduled for April 19, 2010, at the Roosevelt hotel in New York City.

From the web site

Wall Street signHigh Performance Computing systems including Linux, Low Latency, Virtualization, Cloud, Grid, Blade, Cluster are hot technologies for financial markets. It’s a way for traders to speed their orders to market faster than their competitors while lowering computer costs. This High Performance Computing marketplace will assemble 700 financial markets and Wall Street IT professionals at a convenient networking and exhibition forum.

Linux, Open Source, High Performance Computing offer speed and cost savings which will be discussed by leading Wall Street and financial markets speakers.

From our community both Andy Bechtolsheim (of Arista Networks) and Vikram Mehta (of BLADE Network Technologies) are featured speakers, and sponsors include IBM, Intel, and ScaleMP.


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